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Sensory Play With The Fifty Shades Of Grey Feather Tickler

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Sensory play is a great way to explore the less painful side of BDSM. A lot of couples who engage in pain play (with paddles, floggers and the like) enjoy taking advantage of the aroused nerve endings with soft touch. The Fifty Shades of Grey Tease ‘Feather’ Tickler is a perfect tool to get that skin tingling! The delicate feathers traced over the body give the most amazing sensation, both during foreplay and aftercare.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection, fifty shades of grey, fifty shades, fifty shades collection, fifty shades of grey collection, feather tickler, sensory play, fifty shades of grey sex toy, feather sex toyThis is one of the more popular items in the Fifty Shades collection – especially for those who enjoy the Dominance and submission end of BDSM, but could do without the sadomasochism. The unassuming nature of the Tease feather tickler makes it a toy that you’re not afraid to leave out when the fun is done, and makes a kinky accessory to your French Maid costume. We suggest pairing it up with the Fifty Shades blindfolds – either the No Peeking Twin Blindfold Set or Christian’s Tie for a fun evening. If you’re looking to balance the pain/pleasure sessions, it goes great with the Fifty Shades flogger.

The 14 inch handle is made from a firm plastic, keeping the wand quite lightweight. The Fifty Shades Feather Tickler is made with real ostrich feathers, so we think it goes without saying that if you’re allergic to feathers, this is one to pass up. Included with the feather sex toy is an instruction booklet in a Fifty Shades branded box. We don’t suggest getting the feather tickler too dirty, but a good blow with a hairdryer on the lowest setting will help fluff up the feathers if they do need a gentle spot washing.

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Still unsure this is the best item to add to your Fifty Shades collection? You’ve got to check out the reviews from satisfied users on Adam and Eve. From hot and heavy lovers to the couples who like something soft and smooth, this is getting five stars all around.

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