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Getting The Most From Your Fifty Shades Of Grey Nipple Clamps

Articles - Magdalene Sheldon Comments Off on Getting The Most From Your Fifty Shades Of Grey Nipple Clamps

Love nipple stimulation and looking to move beyond your partner’s talented fingers? Nipple clamps are a great toy for ladies (and nipple sensitive guys) to add to their sex toy collection. One of the most popular nipple clamp sets out there are the ones from the official Fifty Shades collection – the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘The Pinch’ Adjustable Nipple Clamps. This discreet pair of nipple toys are one of the most highly sought after items in the Fifty Shades set and are currently on sale at Adam and Eve.

So what makes the Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Clamps so great?

 fifty shades collection,fifty shades,fifty shades of grey,50 shades,50 shades of grey,fifty shades nipple clamps,fifty shades of grey nipple clamps,nipple clampsFirst, the amount of pressure that the clamps apply is easily controlled by adjustable sliders. Simply moving this slider down the clamp increases the pressure on the body. Unlike other ‘alligator’ style nipple toys, these adjustable nipple clamps have smooth sides to the clip and are covered in a rubber tip. This helps balance out the pressure. The small set of metal beads on the Fifty Shades nipple clamps add another layer of pleasure, with a light amount of weight added to the sensation. Their easily adjustable nature makes them ideal even for those with larger nipples.

Before using your 50 Shades of Grey nipple clamps for the first time, be sure to try them out on a less sensitive part of your body. We suggest your inner arm or the inside of your elbow. This will help you get a grasp of how much pressure is being used before you move it on to more sensitive areas. After use, the 50 Shades nipple clamps can be cleaned with your favorite sex toy cleaner, or in a simple warm water and soap bath. Since the tips on the clamps are made from rubber, if your play involves lube you may want to be sure it’s the water based kind. This is the easiest to clean up!

Want to up the level of sensation from your nipple clamps? Try using a vibrator on the nipples while wearing them. You can either press the vibe directly to the nipple itself. Or, you can try it on the clamp for a completely different sensation. If your nipples are quite sensitive to begin with, you may want to keep the settings on low to start, then increasing them as you become more comfortable. If you’ve handed the vibrator off to your partner for them to control, be sure you’ve established safe words beforehand – communication is key to a great BDSM experience!

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