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Fifty Shades Of Grey Tease Feather Tickler

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Christian trails the soft feathers over my stomach and breasts as I become captured by my desire, needing more and more. He continues to tease my naked skin, smirking with each titillating stroke. – Anastasia Steele

Looking to heighten your sensations in the bedroom – Fifty Shades of Grey style? Dip your toes into the pool of sensory play with the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Tease’ Feather Tickler. This tool in the best selling Official Fifty Shades Sex Toy Collection is perfect for those who are looking into sensual BDSM – power exchange without the pain. Tracing this feather tickler over the body not only heightens the sense of touch, it just feels great!

Maybe the whole flogger and bondage kit thing isn’t for you, but you still like the power exchange and heightened senses. This is what is called sensual bondage. It’s those playful smacks on the bottom, your lover holding your wrists while you make love, wearing blindfolds while your skin is caressed and giving your partner control without the physical restraints. This is where sensual tools like the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Tease’ Feather Tickler come into play. This type of toy doesn’t require pain or bondage to work – just a simple stroke on exposed skin can produce the desired outcome. You don’t even need to be naked to enjoy the touch. Try tracing this along your lover’s cheek, down their neck, over their arm then down their leg. The gently tickle heightens the skin’s receptors.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Tease Feather Tickler

Fifty Shades Of Grey Tease Feather Tickler

The Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Tease’ Feather Tickler measures 14.5 inches long, with most of that being the firm handle that’s easy to control. They light grey ostrich features comes in that distinctive shade of grey that we’ve come to love. With an Official Fifty Shades Sex Toy logo stitched into a tag on the side of the toy, this is one of the least expensive tools in the set. This feather tickler also comes with an instruction book. We suggest pairing this toy up with the Fifty Shades Of Grey ‘No Peeking Twin’ Blindfold Set for a complete sensory experience.

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