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Fifty Shades Blamed For Handcuff Incidents

Articles - Sarah Hampshire Comments Off on Fifty Shades Blamed For Handcuff Incidents

Fifty Shades “could be” to blame for the dozens of incidents of people being trapped in handcuffs.

Before doing BDSM, it’s important for people to understand how different forms of restraint, interacts with different bodies. There are some basic principles of anatomy people need to learn before they start. Before people allow themselves to be restrained or restrain anyone else they need a foolproof exit strategy. Anything can happen from someone walking into the house to a natural disaster and learning how to free a bound body quickly and safely is of utmost importance.

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People should realize that performing the act of BDSM, they’ll get carried away and might not be aware of what’s happening around them. People should be aware of the risk performing the act. Consent is what makes these fantasies possible to act out. Fully informed consent is the first principle of responsible bondage sex play.

Bondage play is a pact of mutual responsibly. Communication is vital and many partners use safe words when something has become unpleasant. Safe words are to always be observed. The person in bondage has the final word no matter what happens. It’s also good to have good set of escape tools like scissors and keys for anything that locks. As the fire brigade officer said, “If the ring doesn’t fit, don’t force it on and always keep the keys handy.”

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