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Charlie Hunnam Wants You To Chill Out

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So how are friends of Charlie Hunnam reacting to the fact that Fifty Shades fans all over the world are crying out about him not being their perfect Christian Grey? By telling them to basically get over themselves! Since E L James announced that she was casting the Sons of Anarchy star in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, there’s been a significant part of the female population who has expressed their… how should we put it… dislike in this choice.

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Charlie Hunnam – Soon to be Mr. Grey

The fan favorite to play Christian Grey was pretty well established between two camps – those who thought that Matt Bomer would be best for the role, and those that favored Ian Somerhalder. But Miss James threw fans everywhere a curve ball when she dubbed the lesser known Charlie Hunnam as her Dominant leading man. Olivia Wilde, who has just starred with Charlie has her own opinion about the soon to be Mr Grey. “I’d like to think that our love scenes sort of prepared him for this experience. […] Audiences should just shut up and wait to be surprised, wait to be delighted.”

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