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Ben Wa Balls – The Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Ben Wah Balls

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I’m going to put these inside you, for your pleasure and mine. – Christian Grey, 50 Shades Of Grey Trilogy

These Delicious Pleasure Ben Wa Balls are just one of the 20-strong collection and they’re definitely one of the best. The beautifully designed, smooth silicone balls sit inside of you and massage your g-spot for the ultimate pleasure. Toning and pleasuring your body in unison, these official Fifty Shades of Grey silver balls wriggle and jiggle inside you. Massaging your G-spot with expert skill, Delicious Pleasure can be worn for blush-inducing public play with your own Christian Grey.

Discover why Ana Steele adores her silver balls with this smooth silicone Kegel exerciser and revel in the sensual feeling of 2 weighted balls massaging your G-spot as they jiggle with the most subtle of movements. The action of flexing your muscles around the smooth balls also tones your pelvic floor muscles, leading to greater control during sex and more intense orgasms. Experience Ana and Christian’s pleasure by slipping the smooth ball inside your vagina before a sensual spanking session and stimulate your sweet spots as the weighted balls respond to the action of your play. The weighted Delicious Pleasure Balls massage your intimate spots with their every move but will also benefit your sex life in the long term. Each ball will constantly be working your vagina muscles, making them stronger. This means that you’ll become more receptive with continued use.

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The Delicious Pleasure balls are also adept Kegel exercisers that can be used to tone your pelvic floor muscles, intensifying your orgasmic response and prolonging the length of your orgasms. Ideally sized for Kegel ball beginners, the Delicious Pleasure silver balls have comfortable girth and light weight to make exercises easy. Wear as a prelude to foreplay, or heat up a night with your lover, and enjoy effortless body toning that improves your pleasure for years to come. Ideal for enhancing masturbation, foreplay and anal sex when worn in the vagina, the unpredictable stimulation of the free-roaming weights add a spontaneous edge to your erotic forays. Wear during spanking or pair with clitoral stimulation and feel the balls respond to your pleasure, coaxing you into deeper arousal.

Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Sex Toy Collection approved by author E L James. Supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag, the Delicious Pleasure is the ideal erotic gift for fans of the trilogy.

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Sensual Balls Unlock 50 Shades Of Pleasure!

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