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Entries tagged with : "50 Shades Of Grey Sex Toys"

Mom’s Love 50 Shades Of Grey Sex Toys

Articles - July 20, 2013 Magdalene Sheldon 0 comments

Yes moms do love 50 shades of Grey Sex toys. The idea of a mom has everyone thinking of the old fashioned boring lady whose only idea of sex is the missionary position. Welcome the sexy mom who not only craves a very kinky sexyREAD MORE

Why Every Couple Should Experience 50 Shades Sex Toys

Articles - June 29, 2013 Magdalene Sheldon 0 comments

Christian Grey frequently likes to say that he aims to please. After quite some time in a relationship things start to get boring and all we really need is some sort of excitement. More like a regular vanilla relationship with a lot of kinky fuckery.READ MORE

Make Her Stay Using The Fifty Shades Of Grey Line Of Products

Articles - June 21, 2013 Magdalene Sheldon 0 comments

So you’ve been having no problems and out of the blues she wants to leave and probably still can’t come up with a viable reason as to why she’s leaving you. Crack your brains no more; you’re probably way too boring and predictable in bed.READ MORE

Bed Restraint System FREE Shipping and FREE Big O Kit | Good Until Supplies Last

Videos - June 19, 2013 Sarah Hampshire 0 comments

Has Fifty Shades of Grey turned you on to the erotic possibilities of bondage and submission? If so, you won’t want to miss this Bed Restraint Kit from Official Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys Collection! Whether you have read it once, or your copyREAD MORE